Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Ten Bosses

The recent win over Michigan St. and recent loss by Purdue gave the Buckeyes a conference title and the number one seed in the Big Ten tournament. As I said earlier the Bucks opened the tourney against the Michigan Wolverines, and wow was it a good one. The last second, 37 foot shot by Evan Turner gave Ohio State a second chance to move on to play Illinois.

The Fighting Illini surprisingly defeated the Wisconsin Badgers in the first round of the tourney, giving them a shot to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Bucks found themselves down by eleven at one point but Evan Turner and David Lighty quickly turned that around by going on a 20-0 run putting the Buckeyes back on top. As the game progressed the Ohio State lead slowly dwindled leaving the Bucks back in another tight game. At the end of regulation the Fighting Illini was given an easy game-winning layup opportunity but lucky choked sending the game into overtime. Entering overtime Turner had already racked up four fouls along with his thirty one points and eleven boards. After regulation I thought for sure the Buckeyes would easily be able to take care of Illinois in overtime, but I was wrong. The Illini was had the opportunity to take the last shot at the end of the first overtime with the game tied but the lockdown defense by Even Turner and David Lighty prevented Illinois for even attempting a shot.

At the end of the first overtime Turner had fouled out but fortunately Illinois had two starters foul out too. The Bucks came out shooting hot and created a lead early. Ohio State held onto the lead and outscored the Illini by seven in the final overtime.

The Buckeyes would next be pitted against the Minnesota Golden Gophers in the Big Ten Tournament Championship game. Entering this game I figured the Bucks wouldn’t have any trouble with the Gophers since they beat them both times this year. Going into the locker room at half time, Ohio State only led by three. I'm not sure what Thad said to his players but whatever it was, it worked. The Bucks score an unbelievable 54 points in the second half and ended up winning 90-61.

I very proud of the Buckeyes and happy for their seniors. Hopefully they can repeat their accomplishments next year as well.

Congratulations on winning the Big Ten Conference and the Big Ten Tournament!! Good Luck in the NCAA Tourney!!

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  1. What was surprising is that Minnesota's run was enough to get them to the Big Dance as an 11th seed.