Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beanie's Backup??

Let’s take a more in depth look at Ohio State’s recruiting class of 2010. The Buckeyes are known for their heavy running, pro-style offence. Many talented running backs like, Chris “Beanie” Wells, Antonio Pittman, Eddie George, Archie Griffin, etc., have left their legacy in the Shoe.

Led by Brandon Saine and Dan “Boom” Herron, the Buckeye running game has taken a turn since the departure of power back Chris Wells. The quick feet of Herron and Saine has allowed Tressel to run a faster, more spread out offence. The most successful run plays during the 2009 season came from plays designed to bounce the ball to the outside where Brandon Saine can use his track speed to burn defenders. Why all the outside run game? The Buckeyes lack a power back. Very rarely will you see Saine or Herron pound the ball up the middle knocking linebackers on their ass like Beanie Wells could. That's just not their style of football.

So when will the Buckeye nation see another Wells in the backfield? With the class of 2010 coming in we could very easily see freshman Roderick Smith filling that position. The 6-3, 220, Indiana native, in my eyes, could be one of Ohio State’s best. The current High School senior will step foot on Ohio State campus this summer to prepare for the 2010 football season. His soft hands and 4.5 40 time could make an impact on the team next year.

Smith’s height and size are prime for a running back entering college football for the first time. His 6-3, 220 frame reminds me of Beanie Wells himself or ever Eddie George. The four star running back currently ranks 6th in his position and 65th nationally.

What does this mean for next year? I would love to see Roderick Smith on the field next year, but with the number of talented running backs that Ohio State currently has the chances of his starting are rare. This doesn’t mean we won’t see him powering his way over linebackers in the end zone next year. His stature is ideal for red zone situations. With the spring game coming up shortly, I hope to see Smith get some reps along with the many other gifted running backs the Bucks have, including Jaamal Berry, Adam Holman, and Carlos Hyde.

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