Monday, March 15, 2010

Blogs Blogs Blogs Blahh

Over the past ten weeks of updating our blogs, there are many things I learned and enjoyed about blogging. Before entering this class I VERY rarely posted blogs or even followed any because I never really understood them. Thanks to English 109.02 blogging has become a very useful way or writing and a great tool for searching for information.

Blogs tend to have a more personal feeling to them. While reading others blogs I find myself learning a lot about the author due to the information conveyed through their blog. A great way to connect with friend or strangers, who share similar interests, over the internet, is through blogging.

While writing essays for classes I find myself bored due to the strict guidelines you need to follow when writing essays. On the other hand, I actually enjoy writing blogs because the information comes straight from my head instead of a text book or a website. Blogging, to me, is like having a conversation with another person.

Blogs can be very useful when it comes to asking questions over the internet. If someone is looking for an answer they cannot find while surfing the web, they can easily post a question on a blog and within a matter of seconds, another blogger can read that post and respond. Unlike a website that just has paragraphs and paragraphs of information, blogging is a form of communication. And the best thing is, the topic can be about ANYTHING you want.

So who can benefit from blogs? Everyone can. Blogs can be useful to anyone because any topic you can think of, I can almost guarantee there are groups of people on the internet discussing that specific topic right now. Blogs are also very useful for information because they are updated on a regular basis. New information can be added at any second making blogs a prime tool when looking for information.

Another great feature that blogging offers is the comment aspect. If you find yourself reading a blog topic you enjoy but disagree, or even agree, with the author’s opinions you can simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and respond to the authors post. Your comment will be displayed on the blog post allowing others to see it, giving them a chance to respond to your comment.

If you’re a story teller blogging is a perfect way to tell others about your stories. If you enjoy movies, you can join a blog, or even start your very own, and discuss your feeling with other movie lovers. Like myspace or facebook blogging can also be customized. Pictures, videos, songs, animations etc. are just some of the gadgets that can personalize a blog.

Rushkoff, Douglas. “The Internet Is Not Killing Off Conversation but Actively Encouraging It”

MA: Perseus Pub 2002. 116-118.


  1. Wow there were a lot of scenarios in this blog that really had me thinking. I never thought about how blogging is so much easier than writing a paper. Writing a paper you have to worry about grammer and a bunch of other things, while blogging you just kind of go with the flow and talk about anything that pops into your head almost like texting. Another thing is I never would of thought to look up a blog to help me answer a question but I guess now I can out that into consideration

  2. Hmm. Where does Rushkoff pop up here?

    Anyhoo, I like your point about the scomment function.