Monday, January 25, 2010

Turner Factor

With a fourteen and six record, (four and three in the Big Ten) the Buckeye basketball team sits at number 20 on the AP poll. With the early return of injured Evan Turner, the Bucks won four of their last six games, including the recent very close, intense road loss to number twelve West Virginia. The sharp three-point shooting from Diebler and the aggressive offence from Buford helps take pressure off Ohio States star player, Evan Turner. On the year Turner has two triple doubles (tying an Ohio State record) and fell one assist short of his third in the Buckeyes most recent win over the Northwestern Wildcats.

Saturday, the Buckeyes traveled to West Virginia for a rough battle in the WVU Coliseum. Led by sophomore William Buford (twenty-two points) and Turner, (eighteen points) Ohio State controlled the tempo of the entire first half with incredible dunks by Buford and lights-out three point shooting from Diebler. Entering half time Ohio State had a twelve point lead with the momentum of the game. The Mountaineers, led by Da’Sean Butler, came out to get the crowd pumped and get back into the game. The twelve point deficit slowly crumbled through the hands of Ohio State as West Virginia made a run late in the game taking the lead. The Bucks struggled defensively and had trouble getting their shots to fall in the second half which showed in the final score, 65-71.

During the beginning of the season the Bucks were playing some of their best basketball thanks to the help of Evan Turner. They started with a seven and one record but fell off offensively after a painful fall from Turner putting out of the line up for an entire month. During his injury the Bucks lost four games, including two in conference. Now with Evan back on the hardwood, Ohio State is coming together as a team and starting to play very awesome basketball again. The 6-7 junior is the most complete player on the floor. He simply makes everyone on the court better. He can defend your best player, shoot from the perimeter, and shake you out of your shoes with his astonishing ball handling skills. Even Turner, in my opinion, is one of the best leaders and basketball players Ohio State has seen since Mike Conley. It would be nice to see him stick around another year but his raw talent is superior enough for the NBA.


  1. It's really a shame that these players come for only one year; there really should be bigger ramifications for the "one and done" folks.

    Good post.

  2. I thought they were going to West Virginia. It was a close game, but it probably wouldn't be if Turner wasn’t playing. He helps the team on the O side and the D side. He is a player that you would want on your team for shore. I hope they do good the rest of the season. If the team stays healthy they should do great. I hope Turner stays for next season, but I highly figure he will stay. I bet if he was hurt longer and was out for his 8 weeks he mint of stayed to better his stats.