Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's soon to come??

Hey everybody!

Tanks for tuning in to my blog. During the following ten weeks of class you’ll hear a lot about the Ohio State Buckeyes! Every week will be different, whether it’s a story about the Buckeyes on the hardwood or a memorable experience from the shoe, I’ll make sure everyone is caught up with their favorite Buckeyes! Each post will describe, in detail, a story about a Buckeye sporting event that recently happened. Each game I will break down plays and go into detail about each player and their stats. I will talk a little bit about the Ohio State football season including the Rose Bowl and some of their recruiting class during the off season. I will mainly focus on the Buckeye basketball team along with their players and coaches. I’ll also look ahead to the 2010 basketball season. If there is a specific Ohio State story or event you would like me to write a post about just let me know!

Over the past decade, Ohio State has been a dominating team in the collegiate sports world. Since 2000 the Ohio State football team has won six conference titles, including a National Championship along with an undefeated season all under the leadership of Coach Jim Tressel. Ohio State’s most recent victory come over the Oregon Ducks to win the “Grand Daddy of them All,” the Rose Bowl!

When it comes to basketball the Buckeyes have performed very well in the Big Ten and had a standout season in ’06 when the Bucks made it to the National Championship game but sadly fell short to Florida. Ohio State is able to put together outstanding basketball teams but they struggle to keep their star players from entering the NBA draft. This year the Bucks are lead by junior Evan Turner, junior Jon Deibler, and sophomore William Buford. These high scoring stars are sure to help the Bucks fight through their tough schedule and hopefully bring home another Big Ten conference title.

Stay tuned in to hear more about everyone’s favorite Buckeyes. I really hope you enjoy the many posts that are soon to come!

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  1. Okay, Pinney, some prolific stuff so far. I look forward to hearing things from your angle.